July 14, 2020 . Anita Fontaine
Anita Fontaine

Anita Fontaine is a future forward director and Creative Director merging film and design with technical innovation to redefine the aesthetics and narratives of the pop culture landscape. 

By working at the intersection between technology, visuals, culture, art and the senses, Anita is able to dig into the otherwise unstimulated consumer mind and create experiences viewers haven’t seen before. Her narratives seek to surprise the audience by merging the feminine with hyper-real, sci-fi energy to create updated perspectives for our new realities. Through the synergies of creativity and innovation, Anita hopes to create work that positively influences the future’s landscape and benefits both humans and the environment.

Benee — Snail
The Phoenix Foundation — Hounds of Hell

Dua Lipa Gif Portraits

Corona VR Experience
Moncler AR Lens

Louis Vuitton
Versace x H&M

Victoria + Jean — Divine Love
MAC Cosmetics

Facebook ART x AR

MTV Ident: Future Bae
Edun Lookbook

Tudor Watches